Asheville Scottish Rite
Bodies Officers

Lodge of Perfection
Venerable Master:  Walter Hitch
Senior Warden:  Jeff May
Junior Warden:  Gene Canter
Master of Ceremonies:  Gus Sims
Expert:  Tony Rathbone
Assistant Expert:  Igor Silka
Captain of the Host:  Gabe Quinley
Tyler:  Jesse MacWatt
Prelate:  Berry Rigdon

Buncombe Chapter of Rose Croix
Wise Master:  Jeff May
Senior Warden:  Jim Beggs
Junior Warden:  Curtis Nugent
Master of Ceremonies:  Gene Canter
Expert:  Frank Bryson
Assistant Expert:  Jay Sowder
Tyler:  Tony Rathbone

Asheville Council of Kadosh
Commander:  Jack Williams
1st Lt Commander:  Curtis Nugent
2nd Lt Commander:  Igor Silka
Orator:  Gene Canter
Chancellor:  Tony Rathbone
Marshall of Ceremonies:  Gabe Quinley
Sentinel:  Al Terrell

Asheville Consistory
Master:  Joe Hannah
Prior:  Joey Silberman
Preceptor:  Jeff Sudderth
Chancellor:  Al Terrell
Minister of State:  Jim Beggs
Master of Ceremonies:  Gene Canter
Tyler:  Vince Hyatt

Advisory Conference
2018 2017
Ed Horhorouny
Gus Sims
Jack Barnett  Marty Fischer
Jeff May Gene Canter
Ronnie Reece  Tony Rathbone

All Scottish Rite Bodies
Almoner:  Ronnie Reece 33
Treasurer:  Walter Hitch
Representative of  
Sovereign Grand  
Inspector General: 
John M. Burchfield
Valley Secretary:  Rick Patton

Knights of Saint Andrew
Knight Master:  Igor Silka
Senior Warden:  Jesse McWatt
Junior Warden:  Tony Rathbone
Secretary/Treasurer:  Gabe Quinley